We Won the Intuit Apps Showcase Grand Prize! What’s Next for Corelytics?

Corelytics was thrilled to receive the grand prize in the Intuit Apps Showcase event last night in San Francisco with Team Intuit, ten venture capitalist judges, QuickBooks Pro Advisers and a ballroom full of peers from the Intuit App ecosystem.  Corelytics receives $25,000 plus a marketing campaign with Intuit. 

Here’s what Intuit says about Corelytics

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The fact that our app, among thousands of innovative applications on the Intuit Marketplace; was recognized from 159 applicants and selected as the grand prize winner from among the 30 that were presented in San Francisco tells us that people see the appeal of our dashboard and the benefit it can bring to small businesses. 

Our focus now, is to get our name, our expertise and our product out into the hands of small business to help them use our dashboard to grow their business. 

We anticipate that this recognition along with our joint marketing efforts with Intuit will accelerate our outreach plans.  We are energized by the opportunity that we see to improve the way that owners manage their small business. 

I want to recognize our team for taking on a very complex challenge. There is a lot of complexity in the problems we are addressing with Corelytics – both from a technology and a market perspective. They have shown dedication and commitment to excellence which is now resulting in an undisputed position of leadership in the market.

Our partnerships have always been key to our success. Our Technology Partners to our Business Coaches and Professional Associations have been key to our growth and will be even more important in our next stage of growth.  Our partners can anticipate more high-impact solutions moving forward and we will establish many new partnerships as we grow into new vertical markets with new offerings. 

Our recent move to the Microoft Windows Azure platform has removed all barriers to growth and has given us improved direct connectivity to Intuit QuickBooks.

It is these good times that give us a chance to reflect on the friends and supporters that have been part of Corelytics from the beginning. The comments we received after the announcement meant so much to our team. We will never forget them.  Thank you.

We have a lot of travel ahead and will be recording several new webinars over the next few months. You can see where you can find us on our schedule.   

Hope you are enjoying the summer!


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